Last week I was in Madrid, I went there for an event with Loewe and I had so much fun. I do really love this city. The pity was that the city was colder than expected… anyway this outfit is a head-to-toe selected from the Urban Outfitters. It is practic and comfy, this sneakers fit perfectly and the jacket is really warm. Mixing the beige plus denim and black makes it something I would wear anytime.

Here you have all the links so you can find all the pieces I wear here:

Levi’s Trucker jacket

Shore Leave Sweatshirt

Loom slim jeans

Adidas sneakers

I just can’t wait for Paris this month… if any of you know anything I shouldn’t miss from this city I would appreciate an e-mail 🙂

Thank you for reading guys!

Big hug

Marc xx

IMG_6927 copia

IMG_6850 copia

IMG_7284 copia

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IMG_6875 copia

double 1

IMG_6889 copia

double 24

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IMG_7119 copia

double 2

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IMG_6997 copia

IMG_6790 copia

IMG_7370 copia

IMG_7160 copia


IMG_7145 copia

IMG_7269 copia





IMG_7276 copia

IMG_7178 copia

IMG_7398 copia


Beanie: Neff

Jacket: UO

Sweatshirt: UO

Jeans: UO

Sneakers: UO

Bag: Herschel

Photography: @icanteachyou – Gerard Estadella //