Hello everyone! Ready to start an advenure around Morocco? You know I don’t write super extended explanations about my trips but what is basic to know regarding my experience.

This time I made it to one of my favorite «short flights» destinations: Morocco. I decided that I wanted to know a bit more about this country and I planned a route around the most interesting places to visit (for me).

This first stop was at Fez, it reminded me of Marrakech but way less touristic. I strongly recommend you to visit this beautiful city for its Souk and vibes. I stayed at Le Palais Faraj which was without a doubt the perfect decision. An old palais with all this moroccan decoration that makes it so special.

The food was incredible, they have a lot of tradicional dishes and all of them taste delicious. And the pool saved our days, traveling to Morocco in the middle of July was a bit hard.

From there we went to Chefchaouen «the blue pearl», it’s a bit far but totally worth visiting!

After that we started our journey to our next destination…





Fez, July 2016