Hey there! From the arid Sahara Desert to the coast for some surfing… Morocco has a lot to offer and I decided to explore it all.

This 3rd stop was an special one for me, I stayed in a Surf Camp called Surf Maroc; they have so many ways to experience the coast; surf camp, yoga… or just exploring the surroundings . This place is a community of surfers, yoga teachers and people that spreads good vibes constantly. I guess there’s nothing bad I can tell about it! I had an amazing time there and I would have loved to satay way more time.

During summer there’s a few super good spots for pro surfers but for learning is the best season (and that was me, I had no idea about how to surf before this adventure…). If you travel during winter it gets more professional and if you’re really looking for nice waves it’s a nice  place to go.

Also, just wanted to mention that they just opened a new boutique hotel, I saw it almost ready the last day of my stay and I just can’t wait to visit it!





Taghazout, July 2016